Why You Ought To Totally Demo Your Restroom When You Remodel

If your house is old enough for a shower room remodelling, you could want to proceed and also entirely digestive tract it. I began my bathroom remodel last month with a total demolition. If I had not, a number of issues would have been not available for fixing ... or perhaps undiscovered. Below's just what I discovered when I opened the wall surfaces and also ceiling of my 1981 condo right here in the Quad Cities.

Deal with pipes shocks
Right here's one more thing I located. I'm not a pipes specialist, but I see an issue right here. Picture if that area of typical drain line for our back-to-back sinks obtained clogged. Now picture running a snake in there from one sink. Do you assume it would certainly make the turn? Most likely not. We changed it out and balance out both.

Repair termite damage
When I opened up the exterior wall, I discovered termite damages in two locations: the king stud, jack stud, and maim on the tub side of the home window as well as the jack stud on the other side of the window. The good news is that the damages was done long ago. As long as I have actually lived right here, the owners' association has stayed up to date with termite therapy and also monitoring, but I understand there was a period when they really did not. For this reason the damages I discovered.

Change decomposed subflooring
In addition to the termite-damaged wall surface, I also located rotten subflooring near the bathtub. This was primarily from obtaining also wet, and also I presumed it since floor tiles had started appearing because area.

Make up for no or little insulation
I recognized we had insulation in our walls. I thought it was R-11 fiberglass batts since our upstairs neighbor's icemaker had a bad leakage a couple of years back, obtaining half of our utility room ceiling as well as part of the wall. The common wall had R-11 batts. I figured the rest of the walls did, as well. I recognized they had insulation since I've checked behind button as well as receptacle plates.
I obtained a little shock when I took the drywall off of that outside shower room wall surface and also saw this:

This is in fact a good thing, in such a way, because it indicates I'll obtain more enhancement than I assumed I was going to get.

Seal the air leakages
Yes, our 1981 condominium is leaky. I knew about the big tub holes and other plumbing penetrations because I've seen them from the basement. I really did not understand that the walls were encased with asphalt-impregnated fiber board (Celotex) that provided great deals of air leakage paths. Once again, looking on the silver lining, that suggests I'll be able to make more renovation compared to I 'd thought.

I can not wait to do a blower door examination when it's all done. However, I won't be able to separate out the enhancement due only to my shower room work. The proprietors' association just had the entire floor secured with spray foam insulation. I'm thinking our overall air leakage will certainly be around half of what it was.

Install an exhaust follower and repair ductwork
Did I mention our apartment was built in the 80's? The master bathroom has a window, so naturally, it really did not require an exhaust follower, right? Wrong. I've got over a year of information on temperature and family member humidity in that bathroom without an exhaust follower. Currently I'm placing one in as well as will certainly collect more information. Keep tuned for the results.

However even if your bathroom already has a follower, I 'd wager it does not relocate enough air. The typical bathroom fan moves about half its rated air flow. If your bathroom follower isn't really obtainable from the attic room, opening up the ceiling is the only way to obtain at the duct as well as repair it. What you see because picture below is common for bath fan ducts: sagging flex air duct that makes too many turns. (That's not my new fan, by the way.).

Address other potentially unknown repair needs.
Numerous years ago we needed to do some pipes help the tub in the hall restroom. When the plumbing professionals had the wall surface opened up, I asked to put valves know the hot and cold water lines to make sure that if any individual needed to service that pipes in the future, they would not need to shut off the water to the whole structure.
So they place in the shutoffs. When I opened up the wall, I saw them and took this picture:.

I 'd utilize that shower a few times over the years as well as always questioned why the pressure was so low. Currently I understand. The plumbing technicians installed the valves however then didn't open them fully. Those red handles must be straight according to the pipes. Great!

I also discovered that our ceiling had 2 layers of drywall. We have a smooth ceiling throughout our condo, however the initial ceiling was stippled. The good news is, it had not been a snacks ceiling, which could have asbestos.

And also I uncovered the initial, hideous wallpaper.

If you're renovating a bathroom, there a great deal of excellent needs to here copulate as well as digestive tract it entirely. That's what I'm doing. We're nearly prepared to begin shutting it back in, so remain tuned for even more tales from the bathroom.

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